I’m excellent at procrastination, even more so if there is something that I need to do urgently. I find crafting or making things a good way to fill my time or the time I should be doing other things, and it can be relaxing and de-stressing. Below are guides on things that I have made. I hope you find the guides easy to follow and have a great sense of satisfaction in knowing that you’ve made something from scratch that you can use yourself or give to someone else to enjoy.


DIY Dump Soap

DIY Exfoliating Coffee Sugar Soap

DIY Galaxy Melt and Pour Soap

DIY Lavender and Rosemary soap

Making Melt and Pour Layered Soaps

Lotions and Potions:

DIY Dry Skin Potion

DIY Whipped Body Butter For Ladies

DIY Whipped Body Butter For Men

Lip Balms:

DIY Chocolate Cake Lip Balm

DIY Nourishing Winter Lip Balm

DIY Health Remedies:

DIY Sore Throat and Cough Drops


Home scents:

Aromatherapy for your home



The ultimate girly fairy light wall