Personal Ramblings

In a very ideal world, this blog will be a mix of crafting, baking, making and personal antidotes. These are my personal ramblings:

Jan 2019 – Goodbye 2018 – Summarising 2018, the good, bad and uncertainty that lies ahead

Aug2018 – Going Dutch – Dating in the Netherlands – My experiences dating in the Netherlands

Aug2018 – 1 Year in the Netherlands – Summarising my first year in the Netherlands

April 2018 – 8 months in… – How Im settling in to Dutch life

Feb 2018 – Ageing disgracefully – Having a birthday and accepting life milestones

Oct 2017 – The first 2 months of my new Dutch life –  Pros and cons to my new dutch life

Sept 2017 – My new Dutch life – Transitioning to Dutch life, with all its many challenges

Aug 2017 – Boxes, stress and moving – Good bye UK, hello stress!

Aug 2017 – Expat in Amstelveen – Introduction to Amstelveen, 

Jul 2017 – Tales of a crazy cat lady – Introducing the cats and my passion for cats

Jul 2018 – Going Dutch – Reasons for leaving the UK and how Brexit forced the move

Jul 2018 – Why I blog – Thoughts and reasons behind my blogging