DIY Pimp your KitchenAid Mixer with Hello Kitty tutorial

Even though I am now WELL into my thirties, I still secretly (or not so secretly) love Hello Kitty.  Being a crazy cat lady has a little bit to do with it but I grew up with Hello Kitty and to be fair, she has had very few scandals, making her a rather wholesome character.

For Christmas, I was gifted with a KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L Stand Mixer <insert girly ear drum shattering screaming here>! This is very exciting because Ive been eyeing up KitchenAids for YEARS (and almost bought one for myself at Thanksgiving) but now I have a conundrum, I dont like using new things because it means they are no longer new. (Yes, I know Im proper whop whop crazy with this thinking!) Someone suggested that I get decals to personalise it because you can personalise/pimp anything these days.  Ebay and Etsy seem to be a proper destination for such decals and vinyl stickers. I knew I wanted Hello Kitty and couldn’t find anything that that fit what I wanted, I found a lot of things that I liked but nothing to specific to Hello Kitty.  I realised after my years of shopping experience and various decals Ive made for other things, I could do this! The total cost was £22.25 and potentially I could have even gotten it cheaper but I went with the first people that I saw would post to the NLs ( as getting post is HORRIFIC here).

Heres what you need to PIMP your KitchenAid Artisan Mixer

  • Hello Kitty Sticker Bomb Sheet 50X50cm (really all you need is 8.5in X 7 in), I bought mine from Buxton Sticker Shop at £7.95 (plus £7.21 shipping to the NLs)
  • 2 Hello Kitty Car Mirror Stickers in red, I bought these from Ebay at £1.90 (plus shipping at £1.10)
  • 2 Hello Kitty Car Door Handle Stickers, I bought these from Ebay at £2.99 (plus shipping at £1.10)

Now to pimp your KitchenAid out!

I started with my car mirror stickers, I measured 1 inch from the bottom of the base and placed the sticker in line with the edge of the top of the KitchenAid. I did have to make a few small cuts on the edge for it to sit flatly against the mixer.

I next added on the door handle stickers, I decided to put this on the back base and on the front mid section (yes this will be covered with the bowl).

First lesson learnt….. Take a tape measure (ideally for clothes, as it will bend around the KitchenAid) and measure the top of your KitchenAid. I measured out 8.5 inches(22cm)  in width and then 11 inches (28 cm) in length, I decided I wanted to ideally cover the entire top of KitchenAid. Let me assure you that this did not work out, at all. There was LOTs of swearing, cutting, overlapping and lying to myself that it could work over the compound curve…. Save yourself the trouble and stop short of the curve!

It looked lovely almost covered to the front from a distance, a very long distance. Up close the compound curve means you can see the lines, air bubbles, and rips, argh! So I decided to cut it back and it still looked, well, AWFUL. So I ripped it all off, took a break and then remeasured.

The accurate measurements for this model are Width – 8.5 in(22cm) by 7 in(18cm) in length.

I realised that I had a slight gap either side of the sticker once I covered cover the top (Ive never been able to cut straight, even with a ruler), I cut a further small piece and then sliced it down the middle and put it over the gap.

This is the overall finished KitchenAid with my Hello Kitty design. I wont lie, this was a project of patience, which I often seem to be short on. I went through quite a lot of the hello kitty bomb sticker do to miscalculations and  mismeasurements. In total it took approximately 90 mins but I think you could do it in 30 if you were quick and used the right measurements. Honestly, Im really quite pleased with it. Still unsure as to when I’ll actually use it but at least its out of the box and decorated to my delight.

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