DIY Galaxy Melt and Pour Soap

Ive been on the search for a good galaxy tutorial using melt and pour soap and haven’t really come across anything, so thought Id make my own. I also learnt a few lessons along the way, ie not to make more than 4 at a time, or even 3.

Soap making requirements:

  • 1/2 Kilo of Melt And Pour Soap Base Clear SLS FREE
  • 20 drops essential oil of your choice – I actually used coconut fragrance oil
  • 2 tablespoons Castor oil – gives a better bubble and lather
  • 5 dark mica colours, I used purple, blue, green, raspberry and black
  • Cosmetic grade glitter (optional)
  • Plastic jug (to melt your soap in)
  • Plastic cups (to mix your colours in)
  • Wood spoon (to mix your soap)
  • Plastic cups (to mix your micas in)
  • Moulds (any shape will work)
  • Rubbing alcohol



Now to make this out of this world soap:

To melt the soap, chop it up soap into smallish bits, the small the better, as it melts quicker.  Put it a microwaveable safe bowl and cover with clingfilm (this is VERY important). Melt it in 30 second intervals and stir between bursts. You dont want it to melt all the way down to boiling point. Ideally you want to have a few ‘chunks’ left and then stir until it is all fully dissolved. Once the soap is melted, castor oil and essential oil (or fragrance oil).

Whilst your soap is melting, put the different micas in their own individual cup and add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to make it a pasty liquid, you honestly do not need to add much rubbing alcohol at all. I also added in some cosmetic grade glitter to 3 of the colors. Once your soap is melted, divide it between your cups and colors. Left side picture is the mica with rubbing alcohol. Right side picture is the soap base added in with the mica.

Now is the fun part where you also have to work very quickly. This is also where I learnt that its easier to make 3 soaps rather than 6 or 8, as I ran out of melted soap and it was a bit of a disaster. Focus on making 1 to 3 really great soaps and then fo from there. The idea is that you pour in a little bit of every color as you go and because you’re doing it quickly, it doesn’t set and you get the galaxy effect. Just add in colors, pick what you like and add in different amounts, it doesn’t need to be perfect. I also realised that I had a lot of black left, so poured it on the bottom of 3 of the soaps, this didn’t give the effect that I wanted but rather just a black bottom. You dont have to use black, you can use just bright colours but I think the darkness gives it more of a realistic look.

This was my second batch, when I mixed all the colours properly and had a galaxy effect with all the colors that run all the way through, rather than just a black bottom. You can also see the specs of the glitter and the difference it makes having it. The flash didn’t catch very well and the soaps weren’t that dark. 20171120_120230

These were the finished products, Im wondering if adding in small amounts of white melt and pour will give the white specs you’d see in the galaxy? Something to consider for next time.

20171120_130650  20171120_130714

The top left picture I had a black, blue and clear back and just used those colors and it still came out quite nice, different from the other bright colors but still good.

What I also realised? My plastic cups are so cheap that they melt in the microwave. I had a little bit of soap that went hard, so I wanted to melt it down and when I went to check on it 20 seconds later, it was pretty well melted completely flat. Be warned should your soap go hard and you’re using plastic cups.


Just a side note, I do honestly prefer essential oils and they seem to be more body friendly with less possible reactions to them. I just happen to have two fragrance oils, coconut being one of them. If you do know someone who has sensitive skin, I would also avoid FO and use essential oils only.

I package my soap in cellophane and attach a small label that explains what the soap is, it adds that something special.  These are great for yourself or as gifts for friends.

Remember to share with friends! 🙂


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